Cycles in Time by Stone Weavers

Cycles in Time by Stone Weavers

Cycles in Time

By Stone Weavers: Kate Jenkins, Patricia Rose and Kristin Wohlers.

A ground installation in the Adelaide Botanic Garden near the back of the National Wine Centre/ Australian Garden. Visit daily from 9am to 5pm.

The metaphor of this art work can be seen a the Gordian Knot reflecting the political and environmental challenges of today. Hands have reached down into the ground and created the iron that connects to the ancient stones that lay on earth.

Keyneton Green and Angaston Pink Marble are Barossa stones that formed over 522 mio years ago and are part of the Adelaide Rift Complex. The brown iron stone is from the Cryogenian age - an earth time colloquially known as Snowball Earth.

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